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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Uniball RE Erasable Color 3 Set

Uniball RE Erasable Color 3 Set

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Uniball's "thermal erase ink" has the property of becoming colorless when applying heat of 60 ℃ or more. Since chemical change occurs due to frictional heat generated by rubbing the drawn line with a special eraser of the knock part, the ink becomes colorless, so it can be erased and rewritten many times.

When writing, you can knock smoothly by turning the pen tip down like a general knocking type ballpoint pen. When needing to erase, just by turning the shaft upside down, the built-in "locking mechanism" operates and you can erase it firmly with the eraser.

Please note: Some sizes may no longer be available.

  • Available in .38 and .5 mm
  • Set includes 3 colors: Off-black, Cobalt Blue, and Rose Red.
  • Rewrite over the same spot again and again - no wasting paper and creating messes!
  • Refillable
  • Also available in sets of eight and individually!
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