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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Uniball RE3 Biz

Uniball RE3 Biz

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Barrel Color

The Uniball RE3 now available in a business professional body with an aluminum knurled grip! Its "thermal erase ink" has the property of becoming colorless when applying heat of 60 degrees celsius or more. Since chemical change occurs due to frictional heat generated by rubbing the drawn line with a special eraser of the knock part, the ink becomes colorless, so it can be erased and rewritten many times.

This pen has a twist-to-extract style body that we really love! You twist to pick the color you want to write with, and then you still click the top to extract the nose of the pen. The available body color selection varies nicely. There's sure to be a professional body color everyone will like!

  • Available in .5 mm
  • Choose from 5 body colors: Black, Navy, Bordeaux, Turquoise, and White.
  • Aluminum knurled grip
  • Rewrite over the same spot again and again - no wasting paper and creating messes!
  • Refillable
  • Comes with three erasable ink colors: Rose Red, Cobalt Blue, and Off-Black ink
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