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Uniball Signo DX

Uniball Signo DX

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The Uniball Signo DX, a Japanese gel ink pen in .28, .38, and .5, writes smoothly to create bold colorful strokes. This pen also happens to be my absolute favorite Japanese gel pen. I have been using the bordeaux-black and brown-black regularly since 2000. I find the tips to be stronger than most gel pens, which is important to 'heavy-writers' like myself. Please see details below regarding the recently discontinued colors. Some of these are still available on our shop as a last chance opportunity!

  • Strong super-fine tip
  • .28 size available in Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Blue Black, Brown Black, and Black
  • The .28 complete bundle of 14 colors (if available) still includes recently discontinued colors: Baby Pink, Golden Yellow, Lime Green, Emerald, Violet, Sky Blue, and Light Blue.
  • .38 size available in baby pink, pink, pure pink, red, bordeaux-black, golden yellow, orange, mandarin orange, lime green, emerald, green, green-black, sky blue, light blue, blue, blue-black, violet, black, brown-black, apple green, blue green, prussian blue, purple, lilac, light pink, yellow, beige, khaki, brown, gray, and dark gray.
  • .5 size available in Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Blue Black, Brown Black, and Black.
  • Refillable
  • If you'd like to try a click-top pen with the same amazing Uniball ink, consider the Uni Style Fit Single!

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