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Vaimo 11 Handy Desktop Stapler

Vaimo 11 Handy Desktop Stapler

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For those of us deep in the world of paper, a stapler is an essential tool. Whether you're a teacher, student, or simply love organization, the Vaimo 11 stapler is the perfect addition to your desk. The Vaimo 11 Stapler is a stapler with a small two-tone body that will cutely decorate your desk. It has the ability to bind up to 40 sheets of paper, because it holds deeper size #11 staples. Your choice of Beige, Pink, or Blue. This stapler can hold up to 100 #11 staples and has a window showing when you're getting down to 30 or fewer staples. The stapler arrives with a box of 1000 size #11 staples.

  • Choose from two-tone Beige, Pink, or Blue
  • Holds up to 100 staples
  • Refillable #11 staples
  • Built in stapler remover
  • 78% recycled materials


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