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Whitespeed Correction Pen

Whitespeed Correction Pen

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Pentel Whitespeed Correction Pen is a white correction fluid in a pen style barrel. The Whitespeed correction pen has both the flexibility of correction fluid and the width of a thin correction tape. You can draw curves as you wish, so it can also be used for illustration purposes. A newly developed pen tip allows for corrections over a wide range of approximately 4.5 mm in one stroke. Even those who have problems with correction tape, such as the tape twisting, holes forming, or not cutting properly, can easily use it.

  • Please shake well with the pen cap on before use
  • Please wipe the pen tip after use and before storing
  • Ultra fast drying correction ink
  • To get the wider correction tape style width you will need to squeeze lightly on the barrel up where the sticker/seal is. There is a PUSH message to help you figure out where on the barrel to gently squeeze.
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