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Zebra Blen Multi x Snoopy LTD

Zebra Blen Multi x Snoopy LTD

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The Zebra Blen attempts to reduce stress associated with writing by having a pen that is relaxing to use. The pen has a low center of gravity, controlled writing vibration, noise free writing control, ink blur control, and dense and smooth ballpoint ink. Now available in limited edition Peanuts designs! Choose from Ivory Curious Snoopy, Beige Flat Snoopy, Yellow Woodstock & Snoopy, Blue Balloon Snoopy, and Pink Hug Snoopy. Each pen has blue, black, and red ink in .5mm tip sizes. Refills available.

  • Designed by Tokyo based design studio Nendo
  • Brass weight placed in the tip of the pen lowers its center of gravity
  • Stays more stable in your grip!
  • Ergonomic design
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