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Zebra Click Bright 6 Color Set

Zebra Click Bright 6 Color Set

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The Zebra Click Bright is an innovative "half line" highlighter that features a click-top instead of a cap like most highlighters. The ink has been formulated to accept moisture from the air, which keeps it from drying out easily. The Zebra Click Bright writes a 2mm line for narrower highlighting, and comes in 6 traditional highlighter colors. Often, printed materials for students are in need of a narrower highlighter wedge like the Zebra Click Bright. Overall, the narrower wedge tip creates tidier highlighting. We love it!

  • Fine wedge 2mm "half-line" water-based highlighter
  • 6 popular highlighter colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, purple
  • Individual Colors Available
  • Please store the pen properly by retracting the tip inside the barrel when not in use.
  • No more losing your highlighter caps!
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