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Zebra Filare Direction

Zebra Filare Direction

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The Zebra Filare Direction highlighter is a refillable highlighter with a metal body making it the most environmentally friendly highlighter we've found. The body of the Filare Direction is an elegant pearl-white metal suitable for the most serious business settings. Just like the Zebra Click-Art, this highlighter uses "moist keep ink" that contains a lot of hygroscopic ingredients that absorb moisture from the air. It repeatedly absorbs and evaporates moisture in response to changes in the humidity in the area, maintaining a suitable state and allowing you to continue writing without the pen tip drying out. Equipped with a "half-line chip" that can clearly emphasize even the smallest characters with a line width of 2 mm, which is half that of conventional models, making it possible to clearly draw out the smallest numbers and points in proposal materials to make them stand out.

  • Rotary style barrel (twist to reveal tip)
  • Refillable!
  • Your choice of pink or yellow highlighter ink
  • water-based dye ink
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