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Zebra Knock Pencil M-1700

Zebra Knock Pencil M-1700

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The Zebra Knock Pencil M-1700 is a mechanical pencil with a soft hexagonal shaft like a wooden pencil. There are no grip parts and the shaft is seamless, so you can hold it anywhere. It is equipped with a shaker function that allows the core to come out just by shaking. You can quickly extend the lead without changing your grip. The long, twist style retractable eraser does not use a cap, so maximum efficiency of use has been planned with this pencil.

  • Available in .5 mm lead.
  • Your choice of 5 neutral colors: Black, Gray, White, Navy, and Clear
  • Propel lead in the way of your choice: by traditional clicking or innovative shaking
  • Refillable eraser
  • 10.3 grams
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