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Zebra Limited Edition MildLiner 25 Color Set

Zebra Limited Edition MildLiner 25 Color Set

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MildLiners have become a tried and true staple to students, artists, and bullet journalers alike! If you're tired of over-bright traditional highlighters, you'll love the milder colors. This set includes all the Mildliner colors that were available at the time of its release! This set does not include the recently released Gentle and Natural colors. The 25 color set makes a great gift for your favorite student or bullet journal lover.

  • Double-ended markers including a finer tip, so you can underline or highlight finer lines!
  • Colors include: Mild Lavender, Mild Dark Blue, Mild Cyan, Mild Blue, Mild Summer Green, Mild Smoke Blue, Mild Blue-Green, Mild Green, Mild Citrus Green, Mild Lemon Yellow, Mild Yellow, Mild Gold, Mild Orange, Mild Apricot, Mild Coral Pink, Mild Marigold, Mild Red, Mild Vermillion, Mild Pink, Mild Fucia, Mild Magenta, Mild Violet, Mild Grey, Mild Dark Grey, and Mild Brown.
  • Also available individually, and in 5 Color Sets.
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