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Zebra Pitan

Zebra Pitan

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Introducing the Pitan, Zebra's latest innovative gel pen! The Pitan is a magnetized retractable pen that comes with a magnetized pen holder specially designed to clip to your favorite notebook. Zebra created the Pitan with minimalism and comfort in mind- its slim profile won't add excessive bulk to your notebook or book bag. The holder is even equipped with a pen buffer, so the pen can easily and quietly *click* into its holder. Perfect for a student or professional who needs a pen and notebook at hand for taking notes or jotting down their next big idea. We love this smooth stylish pen and clip combo, and the idea of never forgetting a trusty pen again! The Pitan comes in 4 beautiful matte barrel colors with coordinating pen holder: Black, Orange, Blue Gray, and White. All pens come with vibrant Black ink in .5mm, and you can find refills here.

  • Metal Pen Body available in your choice of Black, Orange, Blue Gray, and White.
  • All pens come with a color-coordinated pen holder. Black and Blue Gray feature black clips, while White and Orange feature silver clips.
  • Each pen arrives with .5mm black gel ink that is water-resistant.
  • Notebook clip may not fit every notebook style depending on thickness of paper. The Pitan clip works best with 0.3mm to 1.0mm thick paper.
  • It is recommended that the Pitan be kept away from objects that are affected by magnetism, such as credit/debit cards, watches, pacemakers, and mobile phones.
  • While the magnet is strong, the pen can be knocked off of its base with enough force.

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