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Zebra Slide Mini Shiny Pearl Series LTD

Zebra Slide Mini Shiny Pearl Series LTD

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The Zebra Slide Mini has an amazing mechanism for stowing. Instead of having a cap or a click-top, simply pull on the pen to lengthen and reveal the pen tip. Shorten the pen barrel to stow the pen, you simply have to try it for yourself! For a limited time these special edition colors are available! As a refillable pen with a metal body, this is a great eco option for your everyday carry. (This is a re-release of the Zebra Slide Mini, which was discontinued a couple of years ago. Currently it is just for a limited time, but we hope Zebra adds this convenient and popular pen back to their regular line-up.)

  • Miniature pen that can travel with you anywhere
  • Unique mechanics for stowing
  • .7mm black ballpoint ink
  • Stows at 8.4cm and extends to 10.7cm
  • Comes in five limited edition colors: Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink, Pearl Purple, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Silver
  • This pen is refillable
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