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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Jetstream Multi Refill SXR-80

Jetstream Multi Refill SXR-80

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Mitsubishi Jetstream Multi Refill in your choice of .38, .5, .7, or 1.0 tip size and black, blue, red, and green ink colors. (Green ink available only in .5 mm and .7 mm.) This refill is good for the Jetstream 4+1, and will fit in the Jetstream Edge .28 or the Jetstream Edge .38 but not the single Jetstream version.

Please note: It appears that the Jetstream Multi refill in plastic packaging is being discontinued. If your favorite refill is no longer available, consider Mitsubishi's Jetstream Multi Refill SXR-80 Eco Packaging.  Same refill, paper packaging!

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