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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Jetstream Bamboo 4 + 1 LTD Colors

Jetstream Bamboo 4 + 1 LTD Colors

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Barrel Color

Uni's Jetstream comes in so many shapes and forms best suited for our needs, but we love when they go the extra mile for Mother Nature. Introducing the 2024 Limited Edition Jetstream 4 + 1 with a sustainable bamboo grip that breathes life into your favorite pen. The mellow matte hues of the Jetstream Bamboo barrel are inspired by plants and flowers that guide you as the seasons change. The Jetstream 4 + 1 includes four colors of .5 ink (black, blue, red, green) and a .5 mechanical pencil. Your choice of Mimosa Yellow, Gerbera Pink, and Oregano Green. No matter the season of your life, Jetstream has you covered.

  • Nicely hidden eraser under the cap!
  • Bamboo Grip
  • Ink refills available
  • Refillable eraser

The natural bamboo grip will have some variations in color and grain, as well as the possibility of small imperfections. Please consider this factor before you order a Jetstream wood grip product.

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